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    2022-09-20Prof. Zheng Jiang (Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility) (CV)Recent XAFS development and its application in Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Abstract) (Lecture slides)
    2022-07-05Dr. Emiliano Fonda (CV) and Dr. Andrea Zitolo (CV)(SOLEIL)Smaller than nano: latest outcomes in catalysis and electrocatalysis characterization at SAMBA (Abstract) (Youtube)
    2022-06-21Yan-Gu Lin (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan) (CV)Catalytic science under operating conditions observed by in-situ synchrotron technique (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2022-05-24Hiroyuki Asakura (Kindai University, Japan) (CV)Operando XAS study on heterogeneous catalysts and application of high energy resolution fluorescence detection (Abstract)
    2022-05-10Prof. René Bes (CV)Using multi-edge HERFD-XAS to study the uranium electronic structure in MUO3 (M = K, Na, Rb) (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2022-04-26Roberto Boada (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain) (CV)X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy as a Useful Tool for Revealing the Structural Details Associated to the ZIF-8 Flexibility upon Gas Adsorption (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2022-04-12Yohei Uemura (European XFEL GmbH) (CV)Probing Excited States of Photocatalysts by X-ray Spectroscopy in XFELs (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2022-03-29Edmund Welter (DESY, Germany) (CV)Overview about the plans and expectations for PETRA IV starting from the current status of 2 XAFS/XES beamlines at PETRA III (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2022-03-15Masashi Ishii (National Institute of Materials Science, Japan) (CV)Facility collaboration type XAFS database (MDR XAFS DB) (Abstract)
    2022-03-01Mizuki Tada (Nagoya University) (CV)Operando Characterization of Pt-Bimetallic ORR Catalysts for PEFC (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-12-14 Przemyslaw Dziegielewski (Warsaw University of Technology) Applications of XAFS to metallic glasses under high pressure (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-11-09Sung-Fu Hung
    (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University) (CV)
    Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Studies during CO2 Reduction Reaction in various reactors (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-10-26Kaustubh R. S. Priolkar (Goa University, India) (CV)Local Structure Defects and the Non-ergodic Ground States in Martensites and Antiperovskites (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-10-12Yoshio Takahashi
    (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Molecular Geochemistry: systematic understanding of geochemical behaviors of various elements based on XAFS (Abstract)
    2021-09-28Qinghua LIU
    (NSRL, Hefei, China) (CV)
    In-situ XAFS Applications in Energy Materials (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-09-14Keisuke Hatada
    (Toyama University, Japan) (CV)
    Interpretations of X-ray core electron spectroscopies in the framework of Multiple Scattering Theory (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-08-31Ryan Trevorah (University of Melbourne, Australia)Solving Self-Absorption in Fluorescence and Nanostructure Analysis of Organometallics (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-08-03Jörg Prietzel (Technische Universität München, Germany)Synchrotron-based X-ray Absorption Near Edge Spectroscopy: A powerful tool to assess the speciation and cycling of important bioelements (e.g. S, P, Ca) in soils and other environmental samples (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-07-20Seong-Ju Hwang (Yonsei University, Korea) X-ray absorption spectroscopic investigation for defect-/interface-engineered hybrid materials with efficient catalysts and electrode functionalities (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-07-07Calogero. R. Natoli (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy)Multiple Scattering Theory of X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction and Absorption Spectroscopy as a Structural Tool (Slide) (YouTube)
    2021-06-22Suttipong Wannapaiboon (SLRI, Thailand) (CV)Revealing structural design and defect engineering of Metal-Organic Frameworks and their applications by employing X-ray absorption spectroscopy (Abstract) (YouTube)
    2021-06-08Toshihiko Yokoyama (IMS, Japan)Precise EXAFS approaches to invar alloys and negative thermal expansions (Abstract) (YouTube)


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